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GP High Yield Fund

GP Northern D Sub-Fund


We serve our clients by providing investment strategies that deliver

lasting value through a shared commitmentto our intrinsic value-based

investment philosophy, long-term perspective, disciplined approach

and alignment with our clients’ interests.


Our Company provides investment management services to institutions

and individuals through mutual funds, separate accounts, exchange

traded funds, and private investment funds. We are committed

to achieving excellent long-term results and providing outstanding

client service to existing and new clients. We place our fiduciary duty

to our clients at the top of our corporate objectives, and we invest

the capital you entrust to us with the same care that we invest our own

capital. All of our portfolio managers are significant investors in the same

portfolios in which our clients invest, and our employees and affiliates

are collectively one of the largest investors in our strategies, ensuring

that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.